The A-Lift

Turn back the clock naturally

A-Lift is an innovative anti-ageing treatment that uses a nano current to help turn back the years.

Loved by Beauty Editors and A-List Celebrities, it is a no needle, no chemical treatment that works

in harmony with the body to re-energise your cells and lift and hydrate the skin.

Skin Confidence

Luminous Skin . Pre-event must have .  Reparative . 


This quick procedure is a natural treatment designed to illuminate and improve radiation, helping delay the signs of ageing. It provides both immediate and long-term benefits. It's a great skin boosting treatment for all ages, and all skin types.

Time: 35 mins

Price: £40


Turn Back The Clock

Anti-ageing . Lifting . Toning . Firming . Results driven .  


A bespoke treatment for focused and intensive anti-ageing therapy. This treatment is designed to soften more pronounced wrinkles and other areas of concern. Ideal for those needing to make a start or are actively looking to give their skin that bit extra attention. Excellent for keeping the signs of ageing at bay for as long possible - naturally.

Time: 60 mins

Price: £55

After the A-Lift facial, my skin looked brighter,

tighter, plumped and my fine lines were gone!

My skin looked so clear that I didn't want to wear make up afterwards. This treatment is like a miracle facial. The following day, my skin was glowing and felt hydrated. 

This anti-ageing facial is the best facial I have ever had.

Andrea Hince

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